about ted

Here is something I wrote for my Insurance Commissioner Campaign:


Ted Metz is the son of an Air Force pilot and has lived in 12 States before settling in Georgia in the ’70′s.  Ted says that he feels blessed to have seen and experienced so much of the country. Ted identifies the three constants in his life as the Boy Scouts, Education and the Church. Even at an early age, he was actively dedicated to community service through Scouting and Church youth groups.

His experience with the insurance industry started at Henderson High School, selling Cancer Indemnity Plans. He transitioned into Life Insurance during his first years at DeKalb College and the company provided insurance and product training, which fit in with his coursework in Business Administration.

Ted joined US Navy in ’79 and was trained to pay attention to detail to pinpoint and fix problems in complex Aviation systems with collateral duties of training and supervising others. Returning to college in ’89, he earned a B.B.A. from GSU focused on Human Resources and Risk Management and Insurance in ‘91. Integral to this curriculum, he studied Federal Regulations, such as Title XVIII, HIPPA, OBRA, ERISA, EMTALA, COBRA mandates and regulations for the Health Care Industry. He has had a Georgia Insurance License since 1989. Since 2003, his specialty has been Federal Programs for people entitled to Medicare. Ted is an expert in the Medicare Prescription Drug Modernization and Improvement Act (MMA of 2003) as well as the Medicare Improvement for Patients and Providers Act (MIPPA of 2008). He constantly studies in order to provide education and guidance to his clients and for annual recertification purposes. He earned a Chartered Senior Financial Planner designation in 2007.

Ted has had a great deal of experience laboring in commercial and residential construction, up until graduating from GSU. He was given the 1972 ICC Building Codes manual at age 15 and since then, he has studied code manuals from BOCA, SBCCI, ICBO and NFPA, just to satisfy his curiosity about “how stuff works.”  Structural Architecture and the physics of design has always been an interest that he has researched since childhood for buildings, cars, planes, boats, ships and “stuff.” Ted says, “As Fire Safety Commissioner, having a working knowledge of construction methods and materials in conjunction with a familiarity of the codes enables me to select the most qualified State Fire Marshall and to properly and thoroughly upgrade and enforce the Georgia Fire Safety and Building Codes.”

Ted is a former Cobb County Republican District Chairman and worked on Derrick Grayson’s Senate run as a staff videographer and consultant. Ted is engaged in numerous civic organizations which promote good governance, health, nutrition and happiness.  He remains dedicated to helping others achieve their goals and to serving the community.

Ted would like to introduce innovations in the Health Care system to improve health outcomes while greatly reducing the cost. Ted says, ‘It is time to move out of the Industrial Age into the Digital Age. Adding “improved” technology to an administrative system based on assembly line thinking is not a fix.”

“Since I began in the Insurance Industry, I have helped several thousands of families and still have well over one thousand active clients that I assist with their financial and insurance needs.  I will do everything in my power to assist you and your family to achieve your financial goals and I will never take lightly the trust you place in me. I am looking forward to being your your next Insurance Commissioner and to your fellowship.”